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October 18-24, Washington, D.C., Los Angeles

Delegation from the China Institute for International Strategic Studies. The USCPF hosted a delegation from CIISS that consisted of General Li Jing, Major General (Ret.) Chen Benchan, Senior Fellow Mr. Li Zhihong and Colonel Zhang Li, a fellow of the institute, for several days of informal exchanges with prominent policy-makers in the United States. In Washington, D.C. the group discussed issues of common concern with members of the Center for Naval Analysis, Pentagon staff, a researcher at the National Defense University and several members of the National Security Study Group, as well as other local experts. The Foundation hosted a banquet for the delegation that was attended by General Gong Xianfu of the Embassy of the People's Republic of China, as well as other members of the defense attache's office. At the banquet the delegation was given an opportunity to mix with members of the local think-tank community and former state department foreign service personnel. The delegation also flew to Los Angeles for an informal exchange of views with several members of Rand Corporation. During these meetings the delegates shared their views of U.S.-China relations, the question of Taiwan's reunification with China and regional security, and answered questions on the political situation in North Korea, the nature of China-Japan relations, and the PLA's recently released White Paper.
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