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Although relations between the United States and China during the 20th century have varied from respect and praise to disenchantment and censure, the people of both nations have maintained a high regard for one another. America has great respect for China's civilization, history and culture, while China has admired the optimism, growth, and energy of American society. Allied during the two world wars, the United States and China drifted apart during the Cold War. Since the reestablishment of relations in 1972, disagreements have continued to cause occasional friction. Unfortunately, these disputes have been exacerbated by misunderstandings and misperceptions that stem from different cultural and political histories. In response to these misunderstandings, the U.S.-China Policy Foundation (USCPF) was founded to ensure the continued improvement of U.S.-China relations. Although other organizations in the United States strive to further the understanding of China, this is the first public educational organization devoted exclusively to the betterment of U.S.-China policy. The foundation works closely with scholars, policymakers, and the general public all over the world to achieve a deeper level of communication, understanding, and friendship.

The U.S.-China Policy Foundation is a non-partisan, non-profit, non-advocacy organization that promotes a greater understanding between American and Chinese policymakers, researchers, and government officials. USCPF seeks to provide opportunities for students, researchers, and practitioners of foreign policy to interact in more diverse and substantial ways. USCPF also conducts research on U.S.-China policies and relations in the Asia-Pacific region. The foundation does not advocate any policy or attempt to influence policy decisions, but instead provides information in order to increase awareness of issues in U.S.-China relations.

As a research-oriented organization, the Foundation:

• COORDINATES research efforts on topics and issues related to U.S.-China policy.
• ORGANIZES exchanges and visits between specialists on U.S.-China relations, policymakers, and officials from both nations.
• FACILITATES opportunities for discussion between U.S. policymakers and senior Chinese leaders in an unofficial capacity.
• ACTS as a focal point for an informal network of American China specialists and Chinese America specialists.
• PROVIDES free consultative services to American scholars and policymakers on various U.S.-China policy issues.
• SUGGESTS or furnishes experts with information on issues related to U.S.-China policy.
• PROMOTES the development of China studies in U.S. institutions of higher education.
• MAINTAINS a collection of scholarly work and articles for research purposes.
• HOSTS seminars and conferences on issues related to U.S.-China relations.
• PUBLISHES The U.S.-China Policy Review, the Washington Journal of Modern China, as well as notes from our lecture series and issue briefs for distribution to China specialists in academia, the diplomatic community, and the general public.
   316 Pennsylvania Avenue SE, Suite 201-202 • Washington DC 20003 • phone: 202.547.8615 • fax: 202.547.8853