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Program Introduction

For the last 12 years, the U.S.-China Policy Foundation has organized the Policymakers Seminar Series and Trip to China Program. The purpose of the program is to provide a small group of congressional staff the opportunity to enhance their understanding of China and bilateral relations. Through an orientation and six participatory seminars delivered by distinguished American China specialists, followed by a week-long trip to several major Chinese cities , the delegation will have the opportunity to explore the historical, economic and security issues facing China, as well as the current state of U.S.-China relations.

Following the lectures, participants travel to China to see the country's political institutions and historical sites first hand. Past trip participants have met with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Commerce, the American Chamber of Commerce in Beijing, the Shanghai Municipal People's Congress, and local village election officials and have visited state-owned and joint venture enterprises and the Shanghai Stock Exchange. Also, the participants have the opportunity to visit China's historical sites, such as the Great Wall in Beijing and the Terracotta Warriors in Xian.

The educational trips to China are approved under Section 108A of the Mutual Educational and Cultural Exchange Act of 1961 (MECEA). For more information, please see 22 U.S.C. §2451 et seq.


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If you have any questions about this program please contact the foundation at uscpf@uscpf.org


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