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Defense Studies Delegation

USCPF arranges Senior Defense Studies Delegation
Trip to China to discuss the Chinese Defense Budget

November 4-11, 2006

In November 2006, USCPF sent the first of its kind delegation of distinguished American experts to China to engage in an intensive exchange of information related to China's defense budget and military spending with active and retired PLA officers.The foundation released the result of these exchanges in the report, Defense-Related Spending in China: A Preliminary Analysis and Comparison with American Equivalents.

We at USCPF believe the report offers a significant contribution to the factual basis for public understanding of the defense and related budgets in China and the United States, even as it establishes a benchmark for future exchanges and further advances in mutual understanding and pioneers a methodology for international defense-spending comparisons with implications far beyond those for Sino-American relations.


Defense Studies Delegation report (pdf)


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