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A studio taping of China Forum

**New show next Sunday at 2:30pm EST on WNVC**

The U.S.-China Policy Foundation is pleased to announce that we have resumed production of the China Forum- an educational television program devoted exclusively to China. Produced by Dr. Chi Wang, President of USCPF, each program discusses contemporary issues relating to China with a diverse panel of experts. The China Forum is an educational and informational program that does not advocate any specific policies towards China, but instead is aimed at assisting the advance of American understanding and awareness of the increasingly nuanced relationship enjoyed by the United States and China.

For more information, or to order a recording of a particular program, please e-mail Toni Dionne.

2:30 pm EST

For Cox Cable TV and Comcast Cable schedules, please consult their Web sites.

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Kerry Dumbaugh, Michael Martin, and Wayne Morrison prepare to tape a China Forum discussion on East Asian trade and financial affairs.


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