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• Typhoon Hits Southeast China with a Heavy Punch
• Japan to Resume Talks with China over Under-Sea Oil and Gas Deposits
• More Websites Blocked in Ongoing Internet Crackdown

Typhoon Hits Southeast China with a Heavy Punch

10-04: Following the nineteenth typhoon to strike China this year, authorities are still looking for the missing, and counting a rising death toll. Fifteen people were confirmed dead after Typhoon Longwang reached China, and dozens are still missing. Nearly 800,000 people have been evacuated from the southeastern Chinese provinces of Fujian, Zhejiang, and Guangdong. Officials expect more rain to fall in the area over the next week and officials in the region are on alert for further flooding. The storm, which passed through Taiwan over the previous weekend, caused massive crop and structural damage at an estimated economic cost of approximately 1.2 billion Yuan or $148 million.

Japan to Resume Talks with China over Under-Sea Oil and Gas Deposits

10-04: Japan proposed to resume talks China in the ongoing feud over claims to undersea oil and gas deposits in a portion of the East China Sea and the delineation of their exclusive economic zones there. This most recent clash is a small part of the overall troubled relationship between China and Japan. Though their economic ties remain strong, there are ongoing territorial disagreements and resentment towards Japanís refusal to apologize for its World War II record. Troubles such as this continue to hamper successful diplomatic and political relationships. As recently as last month, Japan protested Chinasí extracting natural gas from the Tianwaitian oil field in the East China Sea. Chinaís rebuttal was that it is within their rights to continue drilling and exploring in the area. According the UN Convention on the Law of Sea, the area in dispute is under the jurisdiction of both countries because it lies within 230 miles of each countries coast. The dispute for sole economic rights over the area is still pending within the United Nations. For the time being leadership in Tokyo and Beijing will once again try to hold talks to solve the dispute bilaterally.

More Websites Blocked in Ongoing Internet Crackdown

10-02: In a recent surge of online firewalling, Chinese authorities shut down an online forum used for discussion on anti-corruption protests in a southern Chinese village. China is known for routinely shutting down and blocking websites that are out of direct government control. However, this particular incident received international attention because this particular site used to cover protests or dissent in rural provinces. International journalists, academics and rights activists frequented it. Officials in Beijing claimed that the website was promoting separatist movements rather than reporting on and discussing them.

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