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• China and the EU Reach a Textile Deal
• President Hu Jintao Visits Canada, New York
• China Donates Aid, Supplies to Hurricane Katrina Relief Effort
• China’s Population to be Below 1.37 Billion by 2010

China and the EU Reach a Textile Deal

9-5-2005: The EU has made a historic agreement with China to remove the block on Chinese-made textiles that have been stuck at ports of entry in Europe. The deal was reached as British Prime Minister Tony Blair, who currently holds the six-month rotating EU Presidency, completed a trip to China promoting trade. He commented in Beijing that Europe must continue to work to build trade relations in the age of globalization.

The agreement between the EU and China effectively raised the import quotas on about 75 million Chinese-made garments that were blocked from entering Europe. A similar textile dispute on Chinese imports to the United States continues and so far, no such agreement has been made.

President Hu Jintao Visits Canada, New York

9-11-2005: Chinese President Hu Jin Tao made a successful trip to Canada. President Hu and Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin announced a formal “strategic partnership” between the two countries, and they plan to double bilateral trade (to $60 billion) within five years.

Currently, Canada is China’s second largest trade partner, behind the United States. Despite numerous demonstrations by human rights activists in Canada, President Hu was careful not to get into deep conversations about human rights issues in China.

This was the President’s first trip to North America since taking office nearly three years ago. President Hu’s trip to the US originally included meeting with President Bush, but the meeting was postponed due to the emergency that resulted with Hurricane Katrina. President Hu, however, did make a stop in New York to visit the United Nations.

China Donates Aid, Supplies to Hurricane Katrina Relief Effort

9-13-2005: The Chinese government donated five million dollars in addition to disaster relief materials to the US following the horrific aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. The donated relief materials included power generators, tents, bed sheets and clothing and arrived via cargo plane to the Gulf region.

The US State Department ranked China as one of the top donor countries in terms of the value of the aid received. A spokesperson for the Chinese Foreign Ministry said that in addition to the aid and supplies sent, he would be willing to send rescue workers to help with medical treatment if needed. He said that the donation reflects the Chinese people’s sympathy and goodwill towards Americans in the aftermath of the tragedy.

China’s Population to be Below 1.37 Billion by 2010

9-17-2005: The Chinese Minister of Population and Family Planning, Zhang Weiqing, said that China would work hard to limit its population to be below its 1.37 billion in the next five years.

Zhang explained that China should continue to improve its population’s legal system in an effort to work out laws and regulations to correct the unbalanced sex ratio at birth, enhance population control education, and improve family planning services.

In 2004, China introduced a program that rewarded rural families for practicing family planning by providing monetary incentives. Over 310,000 farmers received almost 200 million yuan (24 million dollars). The Minister hopes that furthering government incentives programs will help curb unsustainable population growth.

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