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Week of March 28, 2003

Week of March 28, 2003

The U.S. and China This Week


INTERNATIONAL: Beijing Plans to Send Aid for Iraqi Refugees

The People's Republic of China plans to send humanitarian supplies to Amman in expectation of the flood of refugees soon to be streaming across the border with Iraq. According to the Chinese press, aid will be flown into the Jordanian capital shortly. Jordan, which is already home to 400, 000 Iraqi refugees, is expecting an exodus Iraqis numbering close to a quarter of a million.

With the scale of U.S. and British intervention to oust Saddam Hussein increasing daily, the number of refugees fleeing the country has been steadily increasing. Iran and Syria, countries which both border Iraq, have already received thousands. According to some reports, however, Jordan has seen only small amounts of refugees as U.S. airpower has made the trip to the border difficult.

China, which has consistently backed a diplomatic solution to the conflict, remains opposed to the war.

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INTERNATIONAL: SARS Grows to Epidemic Proportions

The Chinese government's recent release of information regarding the number of people who have contracted the severe acute respirtory syndrome (SARS) that has been rapidly spreading throughout the world has significantly increased previous estimates of infection.

SARS, the mysterious flu-like sickness that has spread rapidly first throughout Southeast and East Asia and now North America, has reportedly killed at least fifty people worldwide. The disease, which is suspected to have originated in Guangdong, a province in southern China adjacent to Hong Kong, has quickly spread infecting over 1,200 people throughout the world. The World Health Organization (WHO) has issued a global warning for the disease, calling it a "worldwide health threat" and has attempted to work with the Chinese government to investigate the origins of the disease.

Taiwanese health authorities have cautioned residents against travel to both Hong Kong and mainland China because of worries regarding the disease, which has already made its way to Taiwan.



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The U.S. and China This Week
The U.S. and China This Week

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