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Week of September 6, 2002

Week of September 6, 2002

The U.S. and China This Week

INTERNATIONAL: Agreement reached on fate of North Korean refugees

In a bid for asylum, a group of fifteen North Korean refugees scaled the wall of a German-run school on Tuesday. The group has since been allowed to remain in the school, which is part of a German diplomatic compound, allaying concerns that Chinese police might enter the school to detain the refugees. On Thursday, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Kong Quan announced that an agreement had been reached on the fate of the refugees. "China and Germany have reached consensus on the proper settlement of the issue and it is being implemented," he said. No details of the agreement were disclosed, however. The German embassy has also yet to make any comments on the agreement.

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DOMESTIC: Jiang publishes slimmed down collection of own writings

Originally intending to publish a multi-volume "Selected Works of Jiang Zemin," President Jiang has decided instead to publish a much smaller one-volume, "Jiang Zemin on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics." Jiang's aides had hoped to publish his "Selected Works" this spring. The "Selected Works" would establish the basis of Jiang Theory or Jiang Discourse, which would then be prominently cited in the revised Party charter. Explaining the decision, a source close to the president's think tanks said, "Jiang is aware of criticisms that he is building a personality cult around himself…Since the selected works of Chairman Mao and Deng Xiaoping only came in several volumes, some of his advisers persuaded him to make do with a less elaborate version of his book." Jiang's "Socialism with Chinese Characteristics" hit bookstores this week, and the Party's General Office asked all cadres to study it carefully.

The source also said that Jiang had apparently agreed not to include reference to Jiang Theory or Jiang Discourse in the revised CCP constitution which will be endorsed at the upcoming 16th Party Congress. Jiang's "Theory of the Three Represents" will likely be enshrined in the constitution, but Jiang's name will not be mentioned as its author. An early draft of the constitution said the Party would "hoist high the flag of Deng Xiaoping Theory and the Theory of the Three Represents."

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INTERNATIONAL: US scholars to publish anonymous papers saying Jiang will retire

Two US-based scholars will publish documents they claim were smuggled out of China from the Party's organization department. The documents, they say, show that Jiang Zemin will give up all leadership posts following this November's Party Congress, handing over his three top posts to designated heir Hu Jintao. The two scholars are Bruce Gilley, a doctoral candidate at Princeton University who reported on Chinese politics for seven years for the Far Eastern Economic Review, and Professor Andrew Nathan of Columbia University, co-author of "The Tiananmen Papers." The two will publish a book based on the secret documents this November.

Despite some analysts' belief that Jiang will hold on to some, if not all, of his posts, Gilley says the issue of Jiang's retirement is already settled. Instead, Gilley claims, debate has focused on whether Li Ruihuan would remain a member of the politburo standing committee. Jiang, 76, Li Peng, 73, and Zhu Rongji, 73, are expected to step down from the standing committee in accordance with a deal not to seek office after the age of 70. Li Ruihuan, however, is 68 and Jiang allegedly objects to his remaining on the committee. "Li Ruihuan is a liberal in the Chinese political spectrum. Jiang fears that if Li was to remain for another term of office, he may pursue policies that would undermine Jiang's legacy," Gilley said. Jiang's maneuvering to force Li's retirement persisted throughout the leadership meetings at Beidaihe, but now appear to have failed, Gilley continued.


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The U.S. and China This Week
The U.S. and China This Week

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