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December 8, 2006

USCPF Hosts Ambassador Wang Yunxiang

On Friday, December 8, the USCPF welcomed a delegation from the Chinese People’s Institute of Foreign Affairs (CPIFA) at a breakfast held at the Monocle Restaurant in Washington, DC. Ambassador Wang Yunxiang, the Vice President of CPIFA, co-hosted the event with USCPF board members Ambassadors Stapleton Roy, James Sasser, Richard Solomon and Herbert Horowitz.

The event was an opportunity for the CPIFA delegation to meet with Congressional staff members who had previously visited China as part of the Policymakers Seminar series. This exchange program, organized and arranged by collaboration between CPIFA and USCPF, has promoted the mission of enhancing US-China cooperation and understanding.

While the guests breakfasted, Ambassador Wang welcomed questions and dialogue concerning the future of international affairs. Topics also included the nuclear situation on the Korean Peninsula and Sino-Taiwan relations. He and Dr. Wang Chi, USCPF co-chair, ended the meal by pledging to continue the friendship and exchanges between the two organizations.


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