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November 16, 2005

USCPF Hosts Breakfast for Ambassador Lu Qiutian

On November 16, USCPF hosted a breakfast for Ambassador Lu Qiutian at the Monocle Restaurant. Ambassador Lu was formerly the Chinese ambassador to Luxembourg, Romania, and the Federal Republic of Germany. Currently, Ambassador Lu is the President of the Chinese People’s Institute of Foreign Affairs (CPIFA).

Ambassador James Lilley, Foundation board members, Congressional staffers from previous Policymaker trips, and representatives from the Chinese embassy and CPIFA attended the event. Ambassador Chas W. Freeman Jr., Co-Chair of USCPF, introduced Ambassador Lu. After giving a brief introduction on the CPIFA, Ambassador Lu invited everyone to join in an open discussion. Ambassador Chas W. Freeman moderated the discussion.

Ambassador Lilley, former U.S. Ambassador to China, also made some remarks about the current state of U.S.-China relations. Ambassador Lilley began by emphasizing the importance of exchanges between China and the United States. He complimented the Chinese on a successful China Festival at the Kennedy Center this fall.

Ambassador Chas W. Freeman Jr. asked the Congressional staffers from the previous Policymaker trips for their suggestions on how to improve future exchanges with China. Christopher King suggested the prospect of issue specific trips, such as a trip with an energy and environment focus. Remarking on the usefulness of the lecture series prior to the Policymakers trip, Jim Clark mentioned that he would also like to have more opportunities for involvement following the trip to China.

Ambassador Lu also stressed the need for more exchanges between the U.S. and China. More specifically, he emphasized the need for educational exchanges, as well as exchanges regarding the issues of renewable energy, vocational training, and environmental protection. Ambassador Chas Freeman Jr. added that it is important to have more exchanges on an official level, stressing the need for more U.S. consulates in China.

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