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May 5, 2005

USCPF Hosts Ambassador Zhou's First Public Appearance

On May 5, the US-China Policy Foundation (USCPF) hosted a welcoming luncheon for the new Chinese ambassador to the United States, His Excellency Ambassador Zhou Wenzhong, at the Mayflower Hotel. It was the ambassador’s first public appearance since presenting his credentials to the President of the United States. Distinguished members of the academic, government, and business communities attended the USCPF event.

After a brief welcome from USCPF President and Co-Chair Dr. Chi Wang, our co-chair, Ambassador Chas W. Freeman Jr., presented remarks on the foundation’s mission to improve communication and understanding between the United States and China through education, exchange and events such as the luncheon for the new ambassador. He also recognized some of our distinguished guests, including Ambassador and Mrs. Zhou, Ambassador James Sasser, General Alexander M. Haig Jr., Ambassador James Lilley, and Dr. C.D. Mote, president of the University of Maryland.

Following lunch, Ambassador Sasser introduced Ambassador Zhou, noting his long history of service in the United States as deputy consul general in San Francisco, consul general (ambassadorial level) in Los Angeles, and minister at the Chinese embassy in Washington.

In his speech, Ambassador Zhou thanked all of those who had come to welcome him and set out his goals to further communication and cooperation between the United States and China. He noted that opportunities and challenges often arise together and that this period of US-China relations is no exception. He mentioned that President Hu and President Bush had spoken on the phone that morning and that they would continue to cooperate on bringing North Korea back to the Six Party Talks. He discussed President Hu’s coming trip to the United States in September and President Bush’s reciprocal trip to China in November. After Ambassador Zhou concluded his speech, he took a few questions, which covered recent events in Taiwan, prospects for North Korean nuclear disarmament, and tensions between China and Japan.

General Haig offered concluding remarks—again welcoming Ambassador Zhou and thanking everyone for attending.

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