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July 12 "U.S.-China Relations" with Ambassador J. Stapleton Roy, Former United States Ambassador to China

Ambassador Roy stated that great changes are happening within China and discussed the United States' absence of consensus when it comes to understanding and dealing with China. With the mainland's ongoing modernization and its desire to project power abroad, many countries in Asia believe that China is becoming a dominate power in the region. While intra-regional trade continues to expand and integrate China with its neighbors, free trade zones in East Asia have been discussed, explicitly with non-U.S. involvement. Therefore, as dynamics in the region begin to change, Roy stated there is a strong desire not to polarize Asia again due U.S.-China conflicts. Thus maintaining stable relations is an important strategic component and is in the best interest for U.S national security. Though the U.S. is working with a flawed framework and there is bound to be further Sino-American crises, Roy asserted that sound reasoning and understanding how the Chinese system works will help to prevent misperceptions and miscalculations that could lead to confrontation.
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