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June 28 "China's Military Situation" with Dr. Bates Gill, Freeman Chair in China Studies, Center for Strategic and International Studies

Dr. Gill spoke on China's security situation, examining both the internal and external implications. Internally, China has the largest population in the world at 1.3 billion. 900 million of those Chinese citizens live in rural settings, while another 100-120 million are considered "floating," or those people with no formal jobs and have the potential to create socio-economic problems. China borders with 14 countries and has the world's largest standing army, officially spending some $20 billion dollars on its defense budget. However, Dr. Gill pointed out that China does not include their foreign military acquisitions and paramilitary force in its official budget numbers. Therefore it is estimated that China's actual defense expenditure reaches $45-50 billion dollars. Dr. Gill also stated that in recent times China has gone more to outside sources to obtain armaments for national defense, particularly Russia. Moreover, China is the only major nuclear power in the midst of major modernization. Though it is believed China's socio-economic concerns will keep them largely internally focused, they are also upgrading their nuclear capabilities. A more robust nuclear deterrent, including the use of solid fuel, improved mobility and readiness, greater numbers, and improved accuracy will ultimately create new dynamics in the strategic relationship with its neighbors and the United States.
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