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May 1 - Dinner in honor of Vice President Hu Jintao

On May 1st 2002, the US-China Policy Foundation, in cooperation with the National Committee on US-China Relations and others, hosted a dinner in honor of Mr. Hu Jintao, Vice President of the People's Republic of China. After an introduction by the Honorable Henry Kissinger, Vice President Hu delivered a speech entitled: "Enhanced Mutual Understanding and Trust: Towards a Constructive and Cooperative Relationship between China and the United States." Hu's speech focused on China's current reform program and the state of US-China relations, and was followed by a question and answer period.

On the subject of reform, Hu noted the rapid growth of China's economy, the improvement of its overall national strength, and the rise in people's welfare. China is working hard to build up a strong, prosperous, democratic, and culturally advanced modern socialist country, Hu told the audience. And in order to do so, he added, China needs an international environment of peace and harmony. In regards to US-China ties, Hu said that although relations have not always developed smoothly, the growing trend is one of moving forward. To promote the development of bilateral relations, Hu offered several suggestions: The two sides must increase dialogue and exchanges, address difference on a basis of mutual respect, seek common ground while shelving difference, and increase cooperation on issues of world security, he said. Hu concluded his speech by asserting his conviction that bilateral relations would continue to improve through the sincerity and wisdom of the Chinese and American peoples.
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