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May 25 "U.S.-China Relations and China’s Strategic Concerns" with Bates Gill, Senior Fellow

Foreign Policy Studies, Brookings Institution. Dr. Gill spoke on the contrasting visions of future security relations between the U.S. and China and the major issues facing both countries. Gill claims that U.S. efforts to gather solid intelligence information have lagged. The result has been skewed American views of China that create tension and polarization among U.S. policymakers. Too much attention in the U.S. is placed on the build-up of military ‘hardware?and little recognition has been made of military software and China’s lack of preparation to utilize their expanding military equipment. Gill went on to explain China’s historical concern with internal rather than external security. The current situation in Taiwan has refocused Chinese military attention from inland to coastal areas, creating momentum towards development of a military prepared for local high-tech wars and moving away from traditional weapons. Because its military is far behind the desired level of capability, China has been forced to find a quick way to create a deterrent. Developing missiles and nuclear weapons have allowed China to accomplish this while spending little political and military capital. Finally, Gill explained that the U.S. has not paid close attention to the current shift in China’s nuclear build-up. While the United States has been emphasizing the development of defensive military capabilities, China has been bolstering its offensive capabilities. Gill concluded by stating that this combination may bode ominously for the United States.
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