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June 9 - "China’s Foreign Relations Strategies" with Thomas Robinson, President, American Asian Research Enterprise and Adjunct Professor, Georgetown University.

Dr. Thomas Robinson explained how China’s foreign policy has evolved over three periods: the Mao Period, first Deng Period, and second Deng Period. He discussed the predominant influence of China’s domestic environment on its foreign policy decisions. In the international arena, Dr. Robinson explained how China has for many decades had to contend with two superpowers, the United States and the Soviet Union, but that China currently faces the absence of a bipolar environment and a recent trend towards globalization. While China is still playing catch-up in the world, its rising economic and military power is allowing it to become more involved in regional and global affairs where it previously had little or no involvement. Dr. Robinson expressed that the United States is the most important foreign power for China, and maintains enough international power and influence to make or break China.
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