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May 26 - "China’s Political System" with Robert Sutter, National Intelligence Officer, East Asia, National Intelligence Council.

Dr. Robert Sutter gave an overview of the historical forces, present conditions and future scenarios that could shape China’s political regime. He discussed the effect of the "100 years of humiliation," the rising popularity of the Chinese Communist Party in the mid 20th century, and the excessiveness of the authoritarian regime which led to a loss of prestige and a need to legitimate itself in the eyes of the people. The solution to this problem for the CCP was to initiate liberalization of the economy and society. But China has been slow to liberalize its political system for fear of losing control when it faces challenges such as during the 1989 pro-democracy demonstrations at Tiananmen Square in Beijing. Dr. Sutter explained that there would continue to be internal challenges to the current regime, but it would be able to cope and adjust to these challenges for the next several years due to the pragmatism of the current leadership. He also expressed that China will continue to have a tumultuous relationship with the United States, but in the end Beijing will work to come to terms with the United States on disagreeable factors in the relationship.
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