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2006 Winter U.S.-China Policy Review

U.S.-China Policy Review

Spring 2007
The Newsletter of the United States-China Policy Foundation


  • Mr. Maurice R. "Hank" Greenberg Joings U.S.-China Policy Foundation as Honorary Chairman
  • U.S.-China Policy Foundation Hosts a Roundtable Luncheon and Discussion Commemorating the 35th Anniversary of the Shanghai Communique
  • USCPF Welcomes a New Board Member: Admiral Dennis C. Blair
  • USCPF Celebrates the Opening of the Chinese Materials Service Center
  • USCPF Hosts Breakfast to Welcome Ambassador Yang Wenchang of the People's Institute of Foreign Affairs
  • USCPF Policymakers Program Underway for 2007
  • China Film Festival

Winter 2006
The Newsletter of the United States-China Policy Foundation

  • USCPF's Annual Gala Dinner
  • A Message from the President
  • USCPF Sponsors the American Teachers Delegation Workshop and Trip to China
  • USCPF 2006 Policymakers Seminar and Trip to China Program
  • USCPF Hosts a Luncheon for a Delegation of Chinese Press Secretaries at the National Press Club
  • USCPF Activities Over the Past 10 Years

Summer 2006
The Newsletter of the United States-China Policy Foundation

  • President Hu Jintao Visits the United States
  • Comments and Analysis about President Hu Jintao's Visit to the United States
  • Policymakers 2006 Trip and Seminar
  • USCPF Co-Hosts Dinner Honoring Hu Jintao
  • The China Chamber of Commerce for the Import and Export of Machinery and Electronic Products Dinner and Reception
  • USCPF Plays a Part in the General George C. Marshall Event
  • USCPF Hosts a Reception for Professor Zhan Furui in San Francisco


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