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Anna Song, Author of Jews in Tianjin, Visits the United States

The US-China Policy Foundation provided an invitation to visit the United States for Ms. Anna Song, Director of Arts and Culture Department at Tianjin Ribao. As the Editor-in-Chief of the recently published unique pictorial, The Jews in Tianjin, she was anxious to pursue her interest in the role Jews played in Tianjing’s economic development by meeting the dwindling number of its former residents and their offspring who might be able to provide additional documents, photos, or information. During her visits to San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, and Washington Ms. Song spoke and showed slides to several groups and made some useful contacts.

Ms. Song had a very brief but full visit to Washington. The Deputy Chief of Mission Zheng Zeguang at the Chinese Embassy invited her and a small group of newly acquired friends to his house for lunch and a discussion of her topic. Due to fortunate timing, she was able to attended the final session of the Foreign Policy Colloquium designed to help Chinese graduate students currently in American universities understand issues that shape US foreign policy, annually sponsored by the National Committee on U.S.-China Relations at George Washington University. She heard the keynote address by the Honorable James R. Sasser, and was able to meet with many people at the closing reception. Ms. Song also visited the Library of Congress where she talked to reference librarians from both the Chinese and Hebraic sections about unknown to her sources on Jews in Tianjin. And of course she found time to visit the Holocaust Museum—a priority on her “must see” list.

Anna Song was most grateful for the opportunity to visit the United States for the first time and to gather new and potentially useful information for her next project dealing with Jews in Tianjin.

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