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The Past Ten Years at the U.S.-China Policy Foundation

"Welcoming Overseas Officials"

Over the past ten years, the US-China Policy Foundation has made efforts to maintain a stable political relationship between the US and China. Senior-level government exchanges play an important role in ensuring that clear and open dialogue continues between the US and China. To this aim, the USCPF has hosted a wide variety of senior American and Chinese government officials.

7/15/2005: USCPF Hosts Breakfast for Ambassador Wang Yunxiang, the Vice President of the Chinese People’s Institute of Foreign Affairs (CPIFA).

5/5/2005: USCPF Welcomes Ambassador Zhou Wenzhong with a Luncheon

4/2004: Luncheon for Ambassador Qiu Shengyun at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

1/30/2004: Ambassador Yang Jiechi Luncheon Discussion with Congressional Staffers

12/9/2003: Premier Wen Jiabao at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel

USCPF co-hosted a dinner reception that evening in honor of Premier Wen's visit at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel. Premier Wen offered remarks about topics salient to the current state of US-China relations. He discussed President Bush's remarks on Taiwan independence at length. During his trip to the US, Premier Wen met with President George W. Bush to discuss a range of issues, including the growing trade disputes between the two countries. This was Premier Wen's first visit to the United States during his tenure as Premier of the CCP

10/21/2003: Dr. Lien Chan Breakfast with Congress and Luncheon at NPC

Dr. Lien Chan, the former Vice President of the Republic of China on Taiwan and current Chairman of the Kuomintang (KMT) party, visited Washington to meet with members of Congress and deliver a speech at the National Press Club. In the morning, Dr. Lien attended a breakfast to exchange views with members of Congress and their staff during a closed-door Congressional breakfast. In the afternoon, Dr. Lien addressed a crowd of more than one hundred, comprised of leaders in the academic, business, government and media arenas. Dr. Lien delivered a speech entitled “Where Do We Stand? Cross-Strait Relations in Taiwan's 2004 Election.” In his speech, Dr. Lien discussed the changing nature of the KMT, and the new challenges Taiwan faced in the upcoming 2004 election.

9/4-5/2003: Ambassador Qiu Shengyun Meets with Senators and Board Members

5/1/2002: Dinner in Honor of Vice President Hu Jintao

The U.S.-China Policy Foundation, together with the National Committee on U.S.-China Relations and several other organizations, co-hosted a dinner for China’s Vice President, Hu Jintao. Hu addressed a group of over five hundred attendees and discussed China’s economy, leadership, and the importance of finding a peaceful solution to the ongoing Taiwan Strait situation.

1/17/2002: Breakfast meeting with Vice Minister Zhou Mingwei, Vice Minister of Taiwan Affairs, State Council, PRC

9/20/2001: Dinner in Honor of Minister Tang Jiaxuan

3/23/2001: Co-sponsor, Luncheon in Honor of Vice Premier Qian Qichen

2/27/2001: Breakfast with Vice Minister Zhou Mingwei

9/8/2000: Luncheon in Honor of President Jiang Zemin

USCPF co-hosted a luncheon in honor of Chinese President Jiang Zemin, who visited New York City to attend the historic United Nations Millennium Summit of world leaders. Henry Kissinger, Former Secretary of State, delivered the opening remarks.

2/29/2000: Chinese Trade Delegation Meeting at the Monocle

4/9/1999: Premier Zhu Rongji Speaks at the Willard Inter-Continental Hotel

6/26/1998: Banquet for Governor Song Baorui

1/20/1998: Farewell Reception Honoring Ambassador Li Daoyu

10/30/1997: Luncheon Foreign Policy Address by President Jiang Zemin

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