TV Program China Forum: Dedicated to China and U.S.–China Topics

Last year, the U.S.–China Policy Foundation began producing a weekly series of televised discussions focused primarily on important issues related to China and U.S.–China relations. The China Forum is moderated by Kerry Dumbaugh, an Asia specialist at the Congressional Research Service of the Library of Congress and features panels of prominent experts from universities, think tanks, and government agencies.  The program currently airs at 9:00 a.m. Sunday mornings on Channels 4 (Washington D.C.) and 56  (Northern Virginia.)

The China Forum has already featured some forty guests discussing such topics as legal reforms, security and military modernization, politics, environmental and energy concerns,  human rights issues and, social development.

The USCPF is pleased to report that the China Forum program was recognized by WNVC (World View TV) for its outstanding service and contributions to the Washington D.C. international community.  The foundation intends to continue making educational and informative programming on important China-related issues.

Copies of  the China Forum available on videocassette are listed below. Some written transcripts are also available and may be obtained on our website: or by contacting the U.S.–China Policy Foundation at:
Telephone: 202–547–8615
FAX: 202–547–8853

*Program 1:  Recent Trends in U.S–China Relations

Program 2:  Washington-Beijing-Taipei Relations

Program 3:  PNTR and WTO

Program 4:  U.S.–China Security Issues

Program 5:   China Policies for the Next White House Administration

*Program 6:  China’s Leadership Succession

Program 7:  China and National Security Issues

Program 8:  U.S. and Asia: Priorities for President Bush

Program 9: Environment and Energy Issues in China
Program 10:  China and its Neighbors: Japan, Russia, and Indonesia

Program 11:  Conversations with Authors

Program 12:  Political Succession in China

Program 13:  China’s Social Fabric
Program 14:  China and the Rule of Law

Program 15:  China’s Assessment of its Security Threats: Is Anything New?

Program 16:  Where is the Bush Administration Headed on China?

Program 17:  Conversations with James R. Sasser

Program 18:  China’s Trade Status and Economy

 * Transcripts available on USCPF website

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