China Forum: A Return to TV

The Foundation is happy to bring back the television program China Forum, which originally aired from 1993 to 1998.  The goal of China Forum is to analyze past and current issues in U.S.–China relations.  Each program includes a panel of experts moderated by Kerry Dumbaugh, an Asia specialist at the Library of Congress.

China Forum is aired every Sunday morning from 9:00–9:30 a.m. on Channel 56, WNVC TV in Virginia and on Channel 24 in Washington D.C.  During the course of 2001, the Foundation expects to produce some thirty shows.

Past topics and guests include:

“PNTR and WTO,” with Robert Kapp (U.S.–China Business Council) and Pieter Bottelier (SAIS)

“Recent Trends in U.S-China Relations,” with Amb. Arthur W. Hummel, Jr., Prof. David Lampton (SAIS), and  Stephen Yates (Heritage Foundation)

“Washington-Beijing-Taipei Relations,” with Amb. James Lilley, Amb. Chas W. Freeman, Jr.,  and Stephen Yates.

“U.S.–China Security Issues,” with Rear Admiral Eric McVadon, Bonnie Glaser (Asian Pacific Affairs), and Peter Brooks (U.S. House International Relations Committee)
“China Policies for the Next White House Admin.,” with Amb. James Lilley, Prof. David Lampton, and Daniel Bob (Office of Sen. William Roth, Jr.)

“China’s Leadership Succession,”  with Dr. Kenneth Lieberthal, Prof. Bruce Dickson, and Dan Wright (Nanjing Center, SAIS)

“China and National Security Issues,” with Bates Gill (Brookings Institute), Ronald Montaperto National Defense University), and Bonnie Glaser.

“U.S. and Asia: Priorities for President Bush,” with Amb. Chas W. Freeman, Jr., Amb. William H. Gleysteen, Jr., and Jim Mann (L.A. Times).

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