On July 30, 1998, the Senate passed House Resolution 4103, which includes the “Political Freedom in China Act.” This act appropriates funds for the monitoring of human rights abuses in China and calls for the secretary of state to request the release of Tibetan and Chinese religious and political prisoners. The bill also includes sections denying the use of State Department funds for visas to be issued to foreign officials engaged in forced abortion policies or policies restricting religious freedom.

On June 24 the bill was amended by House Amendment 708, which prohibits the funding of contracts with state-owned enterprises or companies owned by the People’s Liberation Army.

In reaction to President Bill Clinton’s statement of the “three nos” policy on Taiwan, concurrent resolutions affirming U.S. commitments to Taiwan and the Taiwan Relations Act passed both the House and the Senate. Senate Concurrent Resolution 107 passed on July 10, 1998 and was referred to the House Committee on International Relations on July 14 by Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott and twenty-eight cosponsors. House Concurrent Resolution 301 passed on July 20 and was referred to the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations on July 21 by House Majority Leader Tom Delay and thirty-five cosponsors.

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